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Have you just thrown your tablet in the bathtub or shattered the screen of your Galaxy Notes by mistake?

Relax! We can remedy the situation by offering you cost-effective and fast repair service.

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Supported devices and reparations

DigiZone technicians are specialized in a variety of repairs for Apple and Android tablets and mobile phones.

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You can’t come to one of our locations or you are afraid your repairable could get lost in the mail? Book an appointment and the DigiTech closest to your location will come and fix your device in no time.

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By Mail

You can get your device fixed quickly, wherever you are. Whether you are near or far from one of our locations. Send your broken device by mail and one of our technicians will restore it rapidly. That way, you don’t have to commit to a time and a place and you can still go on with your daily life. Please ask us about the availability of a loaner device that you can use while we repair yours.

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You prefer the classic way to bring your device into a workshop? Not a problem for us! Bring your item to our store! There is always a technician available. We will call you to schedule a pickup as soon as it is repaired!

Get your device fixed quickly and stress-free!

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