Why DigiZone?

A stress-free concept

Our mission at DigiZone is to make your “digital life” stress-free. We offer comprehensive and convenient services to install, setup or repair various types of smart digital devices. You can rely on us to repair that damaged smart phone, to setup smart / secure home systems, to install Wi-Fi / Cellular boosters, or to simply wall-mount your new shiny 60” TV! We aim to reduce any hassle associated with these tasks. Our commitment is to fix it or install it efficiently and quickly.

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Digital Device Repairs

If it has a power button and smells digital, chances are our DigiTechs can repair it! Our expert technicians fix shattered screens on cell phones or tablets, rapidly-draining batteries, non-performing antennas, water damages and more. And we are always up for a challenge, be it a game console, to hoverboard or even a drone!

Smart Home Setup

Want to automate your home’s lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, security, as well as your electronic devices and electric appliances? There are many solutions out there to control all these from your smart phone. Our experienced technicians can help you pick which one fits best your needs and even setup it up for you!

Refurbished Devices

Buying your favorite phone model can be quite expensive. Instead of being locked in a multi-year contract with a service provider to obtain it, why not maintain your freedom and save your money by getting a refurbished one at a fraction of the cost of new?

We offer a selection of most popular phone models, refurbished and at a very attractive price!

Our Approach

We offer 3 convenient ways to repair your device:

Quick Repairs

We provide timely services! Once we receive your device, we repair it fast.

180-Day Warranty

You noticed that your iPhone is not working properly after we have fixed it? Benefit from our 180-day warranty to get repair with no additional fees.

Best Price Guaranteed

We promise you that you won’t pay big bucks to obtain high-quality work.

Top-Notch Services

Our friendly technicians will gladly help and advice you throughout the process.


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